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Hip-Hop History & Culture The Four Elements of Hiphop Element 1: The DJ and Mixtapes The heart and Soul of HipHop: DJs and Mixtapes were part of the heart and soul of Hiphop during its inception. Hip Hop started not with the MCs but rather with the DJ. It was the DJ who controlled the night, The DJ "spun "the tunes and kept the party Rocking. The DJ essentially was the Master Of Ceremonies... he was the MC. Hip Hop actually developed from Reggae Music (no not the otherway around as newbies would believe) In Jamaica and In Reggae the word DJ means to rap or talk to the crowd on the mic. and Selecta [of Music] is what they called what we consider a DJ. Many did both as did the Godfather of Hiphop DJ Kool Herc. Disc Jockeys for radio stations already had their names truncated down to just DJ and as DJ Kool Herc Did his fair share of Both Selecting and DJaying or as we know it DJing and MCing So, In America the Term For our Turntable warriors became forever embeded as DJ. The Beggining of DJs The Very First DJs appeared as early as the 1940s during World War II as they say "necessity is the mother of invention" The need for uplifting entertainment during the war lead to the invention of the DJ as an entertainer. DJs were actually a cheaper and more efficiant means of entertaining the Troops overseas. At first DJs were just live replacements for jukeboxes which in turn were the replacements for Coverbands. The DJ Was a perfect medium between utilizing a jukebox system and hiring an expensive cover band. It was also easier and faster to set up a club for a DJ than it was to do the same for an entire band. People flocked to clubs that had DJs instead of juke boxes since the DJ Could Essentially "program the Music on the Fly" Element 2: Break-Dancing "Breakers" (Breakdancers) loved the break and would use those moments to really showcase their skills. Whenever the "breaks" would come on so would their energy hence the name break-dancing. (though my momma thought it was cause "theyre gonna break their neck dancing like that") During the break Herc would also chant things like "B-Boys Go Down" "Throw your hands in the air/And waveem like ya just dont care!". This type of crowd pleaser was known as "rapping" to the crowd. At that time rap was not yet known as rap in America but rather called MCing. He later turned his attention to DJing and let two friends Coke La Rock and (the orginial) Clark Kent handle the mic. This was rap musics first MC team. They became known as Kool Herc and the Herculoids. "So what I did here was go right to the yoke. I cut off all anticipation and played the beats. Id find out where the break in the record was at and prolong it and people would love it."- DJ Kool Herc To this day there is still speculation as to what Herc Meant by the term B-Boy some say it stood for "Bronx Boy", others "Boogie Boy", But the most common and favored is still "Break Boy" Kung Fu & Dancing Merge To Become Breakdancing! Break Dancing another element of hiphop developed partially with New Yorks afficionation with the 3 Oclock channel 5 Kung FU theater flicks.. as many of the drunken and monkey styles of kung fu incorporated intricate ground fighting movements like windmills, caterpillar rolls, worms and kip-ups which the Breakers developed into a dancing artform. The Break Loop! Grandmaster Flash (shown Above) perfected the looping of breaks and beats by adding a headphone cuing system This allowed him to hear the song in his headphones without the crowd hearing it. Now he could insert breaks and loop them seamlessly by backcueing the record (backspinning the record while listening to it) and repeating the process he could extend the break perfectly and endlessly. The Third Element Of Hiphop: The MC The First Hiphop Albums Were Mixtapes! The MCs begin to gain skill and recognition for their rhyming ability and their ability to control and move the crowds with their chants. At this time DJs begin putting together the first mixed tapes. Mixes and blends of the days great music selections and rare grooves. Party mix-tapes...essentially just recordings of parties they did onto cassettes. People payed upwards of $20 to get their hands on these gems. They contained rhymes and raps as well as chants and breaks. So, long before the first commercially released Hiphop Album, there were mix tapes. The mix tapes were the Albums... since the record companies werent ready to accept hiphop as a proper form of mu [Ödev İndir]