Amerikan Ingilizcesi ile Ingiliz Ingilizcesi Arasındaki Yazım Ve Anlam Farkları Farklı okunuşlu sözcükler. A AMERICAN BRITISH Airplane Aeroplane Aluminum Aluminium Apartment Flat Appetizer Entree, Starter *Archeology Archaeology B AMERICAN BRITISH Babysitter Minder Baked Potato Jacket Potato Bathroom Loo, The Toilet Band-Aid Elastoplast Bank Teller Cashier Bedspread Similar to a Eiderdown and Duvet Billion Trillion Bleachers Terrace Braces (for teeth) Brace C AMERICAN BRITISH Call (on the phone) Ring Cafeteria Refectory Can Tin Candy Sweets *Catalog Catalogue Cents Pence Chapstick Lip Balm *Check Cheque Checkers Draughts Chips Crisps Cigarette Fag Closet (bedroom) Wardrobe Clumsy Cackhanded Collect Call Reverse Charge Call *Color Colour Cookie Biscuit Cotton Candy Candy Floss Commercial Advertisment Cracker Savoury biscuit Crib Cot Cross Walk Zebra Crossing, Pedestrian Crossing Crossing Gaurd Lollipop Man Cupcake Fairy Cake *Curb Kerb D AMERICAN BRITISH Dessert Afters, Pudding Detour Diversion Diaper Napkin, Nappy Dollar Bill Note Drugstore Chemist Duplex Semi-Detached House E AMERICAN BRITISH Eggplant Aubergine Elevator Lift Emergency Room Casualty Eraser Rubber Expensive Dear F AMERICAN BRITISH Faucet Tap *Favorite Favourite Fire Department Fire Brigade Flashlight Torch A Flirt Tart Freeway (Expressway) Motorway, Carriageway G AMERICAN BRITISH Garbage Man Dustman Garter Belt Suspenders Glue Gum Gasoline Petrol Gizzards Offal Golashes Wellingtons, Wellies *Gray Grey Gutter Gully H AMERICAN BRITISH Hamburger Bun Bap *Honor Honour Hood (car) Bonnet Horny Randy House (one story) Bungalow *Humor Humour Hungry Peckish J AMERICAN BRITISH *Jail Gaol Jello Jelly Jelly Jam *Jewelry Jewellery K-L AMERICAN BRITISH Kiss (passionate) Snog Ladybug Ladybird Line Queue Living Room Lounge Lawyer Barrister, Solicitor Leash (Dog) Lead Licens Plate Number Plate Liquor store Off Licens, Offy M AMERICAN BRITISH Mail Post Mailbox Postbox Mail Carrier Postman, Posty *Maneuver Manoeuvre Math Maths Menopause The Maenopause *Mold Mould Movie Film Movie Theater Cinema N-O AMERICAN BRITISH Napkin Serviette Nudist Naturist On/Off Ramp Slip Road Oven Cooker Overalls Dungarees Overpass Flyover P AMERICAN BRITISH Pacifier Dummy Pants Trousers Paper Towel Kitchen towel, Kitchen Paper Parade Carnival Parking Lot Car Park Pharmacist Chemist Picnic Basket Picnic Hamper Pie Crust Pastry Base Plastic Wrap Clingfilm Private school Public school Public School State school *Pajamas Pyjamas R-S AMERICAN BRITISH Raincoat Mackintosh Realtor Estate Agent Rent (to) Hire Robe Dressing Gown Sand Box Sand Pit Sandwich Butty, Sarny Santa Clause Father Christmas Sell Flog Shopping Cart/Basket Trolley Sidewalk Pavement Sir Squire, Guvnor Sneakers Trainers, Plimsolls,Pumps Soccer Football Spelled Spelt Stroller Pram, Pushchair Styrofoam Polystyrene Suspenders Braces Sweater Pullover, Jumper T AMERICAN BRITISH Take-Out Take-Away Talk Show Chat Show Traffic Jam Tailback Thumb Tack Drawing Pin Tic Tac Toe Naughts and Crosses *Tire Tyre Toothpick Cocktail Stick Track Housing Housing Estate Trailor Caravan Trash Rubbish Trash Can Bin, Dustbin (the one outside) Truck Lorry Trunk (car) Boot Tuxedo Dinner Jacket U-Z AMERICAN BRITISH Umbrella Brolly Undershirt Vest Underwear Pants, knickers Vacation Holiday Vest Waistcoat Wallet (Womans) Purse Washcloth Flannel Windshield Windscreen Yard Garden Zee (letter) Zed Zip Code Post Code Zucchin Courgette [Ödev İndir]